Four easy Anzac biscuit and bites recipes

As we prepare to show our respects on ANZAC Day, The Weekly shares our favourite biscuits and bites.

By The Australian Women's Weekly
The ANZAC biscuit is a recipe of love.
The history of the ANZAC biscuit will melt your heart - each delicious bickie was baked from the heart by mothers, wives and girlfriends for their partners heading overseas at war.
The recipe contains ingredients that won't easily spoil on the long journey overseas - oats, flour, golden syrup - and these ingredients are readily available in the pantry.
We're told the biscuits were first called Soldiers' Biscuits, but after the landing on Gallipoli, they were renamed ANZAC Biscuits.
The traditional recipe is great for first-time bakers that want to try their hand at the classic ANZAC cookie. It's easy to make ANZAC biscuits, soft and chewy or crisp and cruchy - whichever you prefer.

How to make soft and chewy ANZAC biscuits or crunchy and crisp ANZAC biscuits

  • Pressing mixture lightly to flatten before baking makes crunchier biscuits.
  • Replacing 1/2 cup plain flour with the same amount of self-raising flour results in chewier biscuits.
  • Sandwich biscuits together with a scoop of ice-cream to make easy ice-cream sandwiches.
Keep on scrolling to try some of these delicious recipes below.

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