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Amazing ways to clean the house with toothpaste

Cleaning way more than just your teeth.

By Holly Royce and Yours Staff
Toothpaste is, of course, a product that we use several times a day – but did you know that as well as getting your teeth white, it can also help clean your house?
Just follow our simple toothpaste cleaning tips and you’ll soon see what a versatile product toothpaste really is.

Clean a stained carpet with toothpaste

If you’ve spilled something on your carpet, you may well be able to save the day with a squeeze of toothpaste. Pop it on the stain, give it a scrub with a toothbrush or other small brush, rinse and repeat. It’s worth giving it a go first on a piece of carpet that’s tucked away, just in case.

Get rid of mug and glass rings on your table

If your teacup, water glass or any other beverage has left unsightly ring marks on your wooden table, fear not! Rub a dab of toothpaste into the ring and wipe off with a damp cloth.

Repair a scratched phone screen with toothpaste

It sounds bonkers, but a scratched mobile phone screen can be fixed with toothpaste! Lightly rub the screen with your finger and a tiny bit of paste. Then rinse with a damp – but not wet – cloth, trying not to get your phone too wet or it will break.

Polish up leather with toothpaste

Use non-bleaching or whitening toothpaste on leather jackets, sofas, car seats, bags, shoes or anything else to remove scuff marks. Rub a little in with a soft cloth and then rinse off with a damp cloth.

Clean your piano keyboard

Grubby ivory keys? Get them back to their best by rubbing the white keys with a damp cotton cloth and a touch of toothpaste. Wipe clean and buff.

Use toothpaste to get a clean sink

It sounds counterintuitive, but next time you spill a blob of toothpaste into the sink, give it a rub around with a sponge or toothbrush (that you’re not using in your mouth!) – it works as a cleanser as well as making sinks smell minty fresh!

Clean your taps with toothpaste

Remove water marks from chrome taps with a blob of toothpaste – just rub it in and rinse it off, to leave a lovely shiny finish.

Make diamond jewellery sparkle

If you’ve got a diamond ring that’s lost its gleam, gently scrub it with a soft toothbrush and a tiny amount of paste. Wipe clean with a damp cloth.

Defog mirrors

Rub a bit of toothpaste on the mirror and wipe it dry to stop it fogging over. Enjoy the steamiest of hot showers without the annoying misty mirror afterwards.

Scrub your shower with toothpaste

Clean grubby shower doors with a damp sponge and a dab of paste. Wipe over the doors, then rinse thoroughly to leave them squeaky clean.

Fill nail holes with toothpaste

Who needs Polyfilla when you’ve got toothpaste?! Save money and faff by carefully filling holes with toothpaste. It works brilliantly on white walls, as well as textured ceilings. For painted walls, you could always tint the paste with eye shadow or food colouring before application.

Fix a scratch DVD or CD disc

Scratched CD driving you mad whenever you hear it? Fix shallow scratches and remove smudges with toothpaste. Give it a gentle rub with paste before buffing clean with a soft, cotton cloth.

Keep your fridge seal clean

Fridge seals can quickly get grubby, but give them a wipe with toothpaste to keep them gunk-free and shiny white!
The post was originally published on Yours UK.