3 ways all of us can bring home the Big 'O' on National Orgasm Day

Disclaimer: these ~literally~ mind-blowing sex tips aren't limited to just one day of the year...

By Ellie McDonald
National Orgasm Day represents much, much more than honouring the fact that, yes, as humans, men and women are (mostly) physically able to experience orgasms.
Rather, this is a day that we believe should signifies and celebrates female sexual empowerment.
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^^What she said.
And what better way to mark such an important day for women across the globe than to treat yourself to a ground-shaking orgasm or three?
Here, sexologist and relationship expert Dr Nikki Goldstein, author of Single But Dating, arms you with the pleasure-pushing skills to take you to Cloud Nine – whether you’re in a relationship or not.

1. Have some time of your own

If you’re someone who has a degree in multitasking, majoring in bucket loads of endurance, it’s time to step away from all the stressful BS life throws at you and get flat-backed, stat.
“When you’re on your own, there’s not this pressure of performing for someone else (sometimes, when there is someone else around, it’s like, ‘I have to come’ or ‘I have to look sexy’),” Dr Nikki explains.
“It’s these thoughts that can make you feel disconnected and you’re not actually experiencing what your body can do.”
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AKA produce eye-rollingly pleasant orgasms.

2. Masturbate – whether you’re in a relationship or not

In Dr Nikki’s experience, some women believe that masturbating when they’re in a relationship is synonymous with cheating.
Wrong. Wrong. Wrong.
"If you’re not in a relationship, masturbation is great because it’s healthy for you,” says Dr Nikki (giving the singletons among us permission to curl up with their go-to Rabbits).
“But if you are in a relationship, make sure you still spend time masturbating so you can also realise how you experience an orgasm.”
Her suggestion for loved-up ladies looking to take their bedtime antics to new sheet-clenching heights? Masturbate with your partner as part of foreplay.
“More focus on giving women orgasms before penetration means that penetration will be much more pleasurable, and the second or third orgasm would be more likely if they’ve already had one orgasm," she says.
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3. Get out of bed (and have sex on a chair)

According to Dr Nikki, a lot of women say that they can only orgasm when they’re on top. But just because you're straddling someone who's lying down doesn't mean you've just been handed a one-way ticket to 'O'-town.
“What I find sometimes is if a man is lying missionary-style on his back and a woman is straddling him, a woman can struggle to get that pelvic thrust and penetration,” Dr Nikki explains.
“If a man is able to sit in a chair and a woman can put her legs either side of him, she is able to have a lot more control; there’s a lot more variation for pelvic thrusts and there’s a lot more opportunity to grind against him, as well as experiment with different angles and thrust motions.”
FYI: Hold on tight and always use a stable chair when participating in said sex-capade…
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