Shocking honeymoon horror stories

Honeymoons are meant to super-romantic... right?

Honeymoons are meant to be a blissful, romantic time to celebrate your recent marriage, but for these people, that couldn’t be further from the truth.
Anonymous users of Whisper have confessed their honeymoon horror stories and some of them are shocking!
“The first time I considered divorce was on our honeymoon.”
“My soon-to-be ex-wife is currently on our honeymoon trip with another man.”
“My husband left me five days after our wedding… on our honeymoon in Mexico. It turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to me.”
“My husband got drunk on our honeymoon and told me he never wanted to marry me. He doesn’t remember saying it.”
“My husband and I got a hooker together on our honeymoon.”
“We didn’t have sex on our honeymoon.”
“My fiancé doesn’t know the only reason we’re going to Cabo for our honeymoon is because I bet our original budget on a pool game and doubled it.”
“I cheated on my husband on our honeymoon.”
“I regret getting married. My wife got pregnant on our honeymoon and now I can’t leave.”
“I accidentally booked a twin room for our honeymoon but I’m actually happy about it as it means we’ll have less sex.”
“I spent my honeymoon worried about my upcoming abortion.”
“I’m on my honeymoon, alone with my husband… at my in-laws vacation home. He won’t have sex with me because it’s parents’ house. Worst honeymoon.”
“I pooped my pants on my honeymoon.”

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