Can’t sleep? This body moisturiser might be what you need to get those Zzzs

People are even calling this dream, sweet-smelling cream a “miracle”.

By Ellie McDonald
Imagine if all that tossing and turning you do every other night could all be put at ease with a quick squeeze and swipe of your go-to moisturiser...
Well, for all those tired eyes playing/dozing at home, this is what some people are claiming LUSH’s Sleepy Body Lotion can actually achieve.
(Guys! Considering 33-45 per cent of us admit that we’re experience poor sleep quality come bed time, hey, we’re listening.)
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^^ Us. Most days.
Yep, this moisturiser, which is made using long-heralded sleep-inducing properties like lavender, is said to help you fall asleep as it hydrates and enriches your skin.
Raving about the product, one person says: “It really does help me go to sleep, at night I put some on my hands before bed and I love the sent. It smells like lavender mixed with vanilla.”
While another adds: “A little goes a long way. Well worth the money we have all never slept so good!”
LUSH's Sleepy Body Lotion - will you try it?
Look, researchers may not have had time look into whether, scientifically, this claim rings true, but anything that makes getting our chill on a little easier/deliciously scented, we’re all for it.
However, it is worth mentioning what researchers have recently discovered when it comes to why some people sleep are getting a better sleep than others.
According a Wall Street Journal study published in 2012, and reported on by Refinery29, along with your sleep environment, our emotions can have a lot to do with why we may get a good night’s sleep resting next to someone.
It is being argued that this can come down to feelings of trust and likeness, safety and security, and, in turn, can lead to better sleep.
That is, if you’re not in a constant blanket tug-of-war with your partner each night…
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