Activewear that will make you fitter, faster, stronger

Permission to exercise some serious credit cardio.

By Ellie McDonald
PSA: purchasing yet another pair of but-they-feel-so-good tights and an I-just-had-to-buy-it crop has been scientifically proven to make you work out more.
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Although, pushing the theory of ‘enclothed cognition’ aside – the psychologist-dubbed term depicting how what we wear directly affects what we do – there’s more to activewear than heading out for coffee/going shopping/sitting in the front of the TV in your most fashletic threads.
Whether you’re a part-time Pilates-goer or can’t squeeze in enough Spin classes each week, it’s important to know what to wear when working out at home or at the gym so you can get the most out of the exercise you do.
And this is exactly why you should file Nike Master Trainer Steph Bruckner’s top fit-gear tips away – y’know, to read at your ath-leisure.

Walking and running

According to Steph, to get the most out of your walk or run, being comfortable is an absolute must – starting with your footwear.
“Even if you’re out for a quick run, you want it to count,” she tells us. “When you wear a shoe that’s responsive and breathable with great cushioning, you won’t even notice how many kilometres you’ve done and it will feel like you can run forever.”
“You need a shoe that works on all types of terrain so you have the freedom to try new paths, and mix it up which helps keep you motivated.”

Yoga and Pilates

To get your Namaste on, Steph emphasises that you need fuss-free, super comfortable gear, particularly, a sports bra, that still provides medium support – anything that you can barely notice or feel will ensure your mind is solely focused on mastering your poses.
"You might think that yoga and Pilates don’t need you pay as much attention to what you wear," she says.
"But you still need to keep everything in place, otherwise distractions (like digging out a too-tight bra strap, or adjusting a cup) will make it hard to focus your mind."

High-intensity interval training (this includes spin classes)

If you've ever joined in on any kind of fast-paced gym class like spin, or high-intensity interval training similar to Tabata, you'll know that you're up for a sweat fest.
That's whay Steph suggest opting for gym gear made from breathable fabric that pulls perspiration away from the skin on to the surface of the garment where it evaporates.
"This helps you stay dry and comfortable," she continues. "And the more comfortable you are, the longer you can last in a high-intensity training session!"
"My favourite tights are the Nike Zonal Strength Tights; they’re made from Dri-Fit fabric, offer maximum support and are still snuggly."


Boxing, loved by the likes of Jesinta Campbell and Gigi Hadid, is, as Steph puts it to us, a sport that requires excellent agility and mobility - and a light pair of trainers.
"You need to be light on your feet to duck and dodge and make sure you get as many punches in as possible, because boxing is all about fast footwork.
"For this kind of activity, its best to wear a training shoe that feels lightweight, but has stability for quick jumps and strong stances."
Be right back, just going to drop our electricity bill cash on a new gym kit...
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