Working out on your period doesn’t have to feel uncomfortable with this new and life-changing technology

Such a game changer!

By Faye Couros
Finding the motivation to work out is an endless struggle for even the most active of people, but for women, we have an extra layer of complication when it comes to our periods.
The infamous time of the month makes us sluggish, bloated, tired, and moving about is the last thing we want to do.
Every woman can relate to stuffing a pad into their workout leggings. (Image: Getty)
Although there's evidence that exercise can help with pain relief and provide an endorphin boost during your period, you should consider altering your routine to reflect your body's limitations when it's bleeding.
Alongside the physical burden of having periods, there is the added issue of apparel.
Every woman can relate to stuffing a pad into their workout leggings while hoping it doesn't create a noticeable bulge or the fear you didn't insert your tampon correctly have to quickly dash to the bathroom to find your hoodie to wrap around your waist.
Luckily, this universal kerfuffle is ending because period underwear brands are opening up their technology to apparel like workout leggings and shorts.
Adidas is one of the first global brands to tap into this forward-thinking market. In Australia, Modibodi is spearheading incredible designs that will liberate your workout routine from the perils of stuffy pads and tampons.
Modibodi's leggings are 79 per cent recycled nylon, and its moisture-wicking outer fabric keeps you dry and cool.
Adidas' designs have 'flow shields' featuring a three-layer pad that wicks and absorbs. However, unlike Modibodi's offering, it needs to be worn with sanitary products as the leggings will only protect you from leaks.
If you're keen on overhauling your relationship with your period, remember when replacing sanitary products with period underwear, shorts, leggings, and even bathers that taking care of these items is make or break.
For every product, you invest in, read the cleaning instructions to avoid finding yourself leaking onto your chair.
Get started on your journey by checking out these leggings and shorts below – because you deserve this!
7/8 Recycled Active Leggings, $99.00, Modibodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Techfit Period-Proof 7/8 Tights, $90.00, Adidas. (Image: Adidas)
Techfit Period-proof Biker Short Tights, $70, Adidas. (Image: Adidas)
Anti-chafing Short, $50.00, Modibodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Recycled Running Shorts, $59.00, ModiBodi. (Image: Modibodi)
Biodegradable Gym Towel, $20.00, ModiBodi. (Image: Modibodi)