The exact Pilates workout Meghan Markle loves

Here's everything you need to know about the Duchess of Sussex's favourite form of exercise...

By Gabriella Del Grande
When a workout gets the royal stamp of approval from none other than the Duchess of Sussex, you know it's got to be good.
And that's exactly the case for the Lagree fitness method.
"Your body changes immediately," Meghan Markle has boasted of the workout, which resembles a Pilates Reformer and strength training hybrid.
Founder of Melbourne's K-Kore Lagree studio Kylie Archer explains exactly what this workout involves.

Lagree explained

"Lagree Fitness is a total body workout performed on a Megaformer," says Kylie.
This is similar to a Pilates Reformer bed, with a long carriage that sits on two stable platforms at the back and front, and can glide up and down from one to the other.
It's spring-loaded for different levels of resistance with handlebars and pulley cables for hands and feet.
"The workout is low-impact, high-intensity," adds Kylie.
"You'll get a complete full-body workout in combining cardio, strength, endurance, body composition, and flexibility – not just in one session, but in each move."
Meghan has some of the most toned arms in the biz thanks to Lagree! Image: Getty

Lagree VS Reformer Pilates

This workout might be sounding similar to Reformer Pilates, which also uses a similar piece of equipment to the Megaformer.
But Kylie reiterates that Lagree is like "Pilates on steroids."
The Megaformer bed used in Lagree is around three times the size of a Reformer bed, you can make quick adjustments and find the right amount of tension and traction.
Kylie also says this allows you to position your body into an endless number of exercises, meaning you work your muscles in ways that aren't possible on a Reformer.

Time check

"Each Lagree class is 45 minutes in duration and is generally broken down into 'blocks' of exercises focusing on each body part," says Kylie, adding that you can expect to burn 300 to 600 calories per class – continuing to burn after you finish the session.
Aim for three classes a week, "to see results in three to four weeks," Kylie advises.

Who it suits

"[Founder] Sebastien Lagree stresses that Lagree Fitness is for everyone," says Kylie.
"For all ages, body types, levels of fitness and athletic ability. Due to its low impact nature, every class and exercise can be modified."
Price will vary for each studio, but Kylie says, "Cost can range from $36 (for a single drop-in rate) to around $10 a class if you're on an ongoing membership."
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