How Blake Lively achieved her post-baby body

The Shallows star talks body after pregnancy, and reveals her secret to bouncing back.

As Blake Lively gears up for the worldwide release of her latest film The Shallows - in which she spends majority of her time on screen in a bikini, the blonde beauty reveals her secret to bouncing back after the birth of her sweet daughter, James.
In an interview with E! News, the Gossip Girl star revealed that filming for the shark attack thriller began just eight months after she and husband Ryan Reynolds welcomes their first child.
“I had an amazing trainer. I was fortunate to have Don Saladino help me out and he just kicked my butt in the best way, in the most healthy way,” she quipped, revealing the celebrity trainer who shaped her incredible figure for the movie.
"It was also eight months after having a baby so my body was already completely different than what it normally was.
“Not just aesthetically but also your muscles are different, your body, everything is just shifted and changed."
Showing off her decolletage, the star stunning in an edgy tutu at the Los Angeles premiere of The Shallows.
Revealing her gruelling daily fitness regime, the 28-year-old said, "It was like training for a marathon, but a marathon is one day - this was six weeks straight, six-day weeks, no lunch breaks, thirteen-hour days, four-foot waves at all times.”
“By the time I was done with the movie, I had muscles that I had never had before."
And in case any of you out there had a spare thirteen hours to work out, the star's trainer Don revealed to People exactly what Blake's workout week looked like.
“We would do an upper body workout Monday, lower body Tuesday. Wednesday was a playful pool workout where she would do laps,” he says.
“Thursday was upper body, Friday lower body, and Saturday we were focusing on the accessory movers: the arms, the shoulders.”
Watch Blake on the set of The Shallows in the video player below! Post continues...
Back in April, the couples exciting news was confirmed by a close friend.
“Blake is absolutely thrilled and so is Ryan,” the insider said to People at the time.
We can’t wait to meet James’ little brother or sister!
The couple, who married in September 2012, can't wait to welcome more kids into their family.

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