Bonnie Sveen raises the temperature at the beach

The former Summer Bay hottie has set her summer to code sizzle!

By Chloe Lal
Showing off her toned midriff while enjoying a day at the beach with her TV assistant director partner, Nathan Gooley, it’s clear Bonnie Sveen looks phenomenal.
Onlookers couldn't help but be mesmerised by the 28-year-old actress.
“She looked really happy and healthy,” one person said.
Another noted that the former Home and Away starlet couldn’t wipe the smile from her face as she hit the water for a surf.
Bonnie hit the beach in a sports-luxe style bikini.
The loved-up actress was joined by her partner, Nathan Gooley (R).
Surf's up!
Bonnie recently returned to our screens in Channel Seven's The Secret Daughter alongside Jessica Mauboy.
The network is especially special to her after meeting her partner on the set of Home and 
Away in 2015.
Sources close to the bubbly blonde reveal the pair are completely taken with one another.
“They both completely idolise one another,” says 
a close friend. “They’re just one 
of those couples who genuinely enjoy being in each other’s company."
The 28-year-old shows off her surf technique.
Nathan and Bonnie are completely smitten.
The Summer Bay hottie is ready to hit the water.
Things are certainly getting serious.
Nathan has been spending more time in Bonnie’s native Tasmania with her family.
“I really love it. I’m loving all the fresh produce there. It’s really great and I feel right at home,” he recently mused.
While Bonnie doesn't often comment on her love life, she did chat to TV Week about their strong bond.
"He's great. He's in this game too so he gets that there's an interest in my private life," she told them.
"We get each other's work. He has a bit more experience than me on different shows."
We have a blue crush on you!
The star paved the way for healthy body image on TV.
Taking a moment before it's time to catch some waves.
Bonnie's happiness is clearly radiating through all aspects of her life.
The 28-year-old became the poster girl for positive body image after her powerful Logies acceptance speech in 2014.
Accepting the award for Best New Talent, she used her time on stage as a platform to inspire women across the nation.
“I think it says something really progressive about Australia and about the commercial industry that viewers have so warmly embraced such a natural and healthy, young woman on their screens.”
At the time, Bonnie was 24 years old. The Tasmanian beauty was moved by the influx of people taking to social media to share their body battles.
"There has been a lot. a lot of messages from people. There was one from a girl I went to school with who messaged me on Facebook and said she had been battling an eating disorder her whole life and I had no idea," she told News.com at the time.
"She said how much it meant to her to see someone send such a positive message to young people and I certainly hear from a lot of mothers who tell me they want their children to grow up in a time when what they look like determines so much of how they’re treated.”
We adore her pink and white bikini.
Always important to slip, slop, slap and stay sun safe!
"I'm really thrilled to have that musical challenge, and working with people who I really look up to," Bonnie remarked about her new TV gig.
For the pretty blue-eyed actress, it not about losing weight but living a healthy lifestyle, and being a positive role model for other women.
“In the past, I’ve been told to lose weight or look a certain way,” she reflected.
“My speech highlighted how far the TV industry has come."
"It comes down to not objectifying yourself. We still have a long way to go – portraying healthy images on television the same way we could develop women’s AFL or develop plus-size models.”
Theses days she credits yoga, pilates and running for her incredible transformation.
Bonnie rose to fame after taking on the role of Ricky in Home & Away back in 2013.
Hanging ten.
Time to pack up!
The actress couldn't contain her smile.

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