5 reasons why you’re not losing weight

You regularly work out and you’ve been on that boring diet since Christmas – so why haven’t you seen results? Let’s find out.

You do yogalates three times a week and you’ve practically turned kale into a food group, so why aren’t those scales moving down?
You’d think that eating well and burning calories with workouts would be enough to help you shed the kilos, but it might interest you to know that there are actually a lot of sneaky factors that are sabotaging your weight-loss results.
From bad habits to a lack of sleep, we take a look at five sneaky reasons why your weight loss journey might be at a roadblock.
A lack of sleep can effect your body's health in many more ways than one.
1. You’re not getting enough sleep
A lack of adequate sleep will throw your body into carbohydrate and fat-craving survival mode, meaning that those who feel constantly sleep deprived will crave foods with a high fat, sugar and carb content.
Avoid 2am bedtimes and ensure that you wake up well-rested by simply going to sleep earlier. Netflix will still be there tomorrow!
2. You work a desk job
A study out of the University of Missouri-Columbi found that sitting for hours on end causes the body to cease production of a fat-inhibiting enzyme called lipase.
Standing and stretching for just 1-2 minutes out of every working hour will burn about 59 calories a day, whilst boosting your body’s metabolism by 15%.
Top tip: Those who bounce their feet subconsciously under their desk burn up to 350 calories a day! If this isn’t you, it might be time to make a new habit.
Harry Potter's Daniel Radcliffe knows how taxing a desk job can be on your physical health.
3. You don’t drink enough water
We know that experts recommend a glass of water before a meal to supress appetite and avoid over-eating, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the key part H20 plays in weight loss.
Dehydration causes improper function in the kidneys, which causes the body to turn to the liver for support instead. And because the liver has enough to do without this added task, fat consumed can be stored in the body rather than burnt off in exercise.
4. You tap and go
We all know that paying via paypass can sometimes cause you to make impulsive purchases.
Whether it’s that pair of shoes you definitely can’t afford, or that tub of indulgent chocolate mousse, there’s an almost ‘monopoly money’ feel about tap and go that overrides your sense of accountability.
Budget better and avoid impulse buys by paying for your groceries with cash.
Beauty enthusiast Gwyneth Paltrow swears by water for her youthful glow.
5. You eat in front of the TV
Eating while distracted can lead to a mindless increase in food intake, which can often up add around 288 extra calories per sitting!
The best way to understand this is to recall the many times you’ve purchased popcorn for a film, only to somehow finish the box before the movie even starts!
Avoid this by setting aside table time for your meals and snacks.
Eating on the go can be counter-productive. Instead, set aside proper time for your meals.

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