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PSA: The world is running out of coffee

This is not a drill.

In terrifying news for any caffeine addict, a new report by The Climate Institute warns that coffee could become extinct by 2080.
If global warming continues on its current trajectory, scientists warn that the amount of sustainable coffee farmland will have halved by 2050.
Rising temperatures, fungi and pests like the Coffee Berry Borer (whose numbers are expected to “explode”) will all contribute to wiping coffee from the planet by 2080.
Not only will the extinction of the coffee plant mean your mornings will be infinitely less alert and delicious, but it would impact the livelihoods of approximately 120 million people and some of the world’s poorest nations.
“Looking ahead, it is hard to see how consumer prices cannot be anything but badly affected by the projected long-term decline in growing area and other impacts of a more hostile climate,” the report reads.
“More and more extreme weather events in major coffee-producing regions seem set to create supply shortages, and hotter conditions will impair flavour and aroma.
“Even instant coffee is likely to be hit hard in a world of 3°C or more.”
Excuse us while we turn off every light in the house and sort out the recycling.

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