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Botox injections to be subsided under PBS

Botox injections will be subsidised under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme for people who suffer from chronic migraines.
Much more than simply a wrinkle freeze, Botox has both cosmetic and medicinal uses. It is used to treat severe headaches by injecting it into 31 places including the forehead, temples and back of the head.
In order to take advantage of the PBS subsidy a person must suffer headaches at least 15 days a month and have unsuccessfully tried at least three other preventive medications. If eligible for the treatment, a neurologist administers the injections into the head and neck every 12 weeks.
The PBS already funds Botox for other conditions including cerebral palsy, urinary incontinence and excessive sweating.
The US Food and Drug Administration approved the use of Botox injection to treat patients suffering chronic migraines in 2010.

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