A sleep expert reveals the easy tricks to getting a good night's sleep

Neuroscientist Dr Sarah McKay 
 explains how to get a healthy amount of shut-eye the natural way

By Take 5 team
You may have heard 
of the "clean eating" trend, where you avoid or limit processed and refined foods.
Well, now there's a similar concept for sleep.
It turns out clean sleeping is the latest trend making its way into the bedroom. But what does it mean?
Here, neuroscientist and wellness expert Dr Sarah McKay explains why you should be giving it a go…
Sleep is an important factor when it comes to health Image:Getty

Clean sleeping 101

With many Australians being chronically sleep-deprived, which can have a severe impact on their safety, health and wellbeing, adopting a clean sleeping routine has never been more important.
"Clean sleeping is another way of describing the 
concept of 'sleep hygiene'," 
says Dr McKay.
"Clean sleeping habits are simple. Relax in the evening, 
go to bed at the same time 
every night, keep your bedroom cool and dark, avoid
caffeine and alcohol, and put down devices an hour or two before you go 
to bed."
Aussies are being chronically sleep deprived Image: Getty

Your sleep environment

Dr McKay says there are simple ways to ensure your bedroom is the perfect place to get more zzzs.
Prioritise your bedtime: creating an evening bedtime ritual will help you fall asleep faster, sleep more deeply and wake refreshed the next day.

Try setting your alarm to remind you it's bedtime!
Turn off your tech: implement a "digital sunset" in your home.
Tuck away your mobile phone, tablet 
or computer. Technology 
is overstimulating, stressful and often leads to procrastination at bedtime.
Switch off well before you sleep Image:Getty

Dim your lighting

The sleep hormone melatonin is triggered by darkness.
In the evening, try using dim lighting such as the Philips Hue White And Colour Ambiance Candle Bulb.
It helps you maintain a natural and consistent sleep rhythm with low levels of warm, sunset-like colours.
The colour and brightness can be adjusted whenever you like.
Light can impact how well you rest Image:Getty

Cool your room

A slight drop in body temperature signals to your brain that it's time to sleep. 

It's easier to fall asleep in 
a room that is cooler, rather than a warm bedroom.
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