Red Carpet

Kerri-Anne's latest red-carpet appearance will leave you breathless

Absolutely stunning.

By Amber Elias
Kerri-Anne Kennerley rarely puts a stylish foot wrong, and her latest red-carpet outing was no exception.
Stepping out at the InStyle Women Of Style Awards in Sydney on Wednesday, May 18, the TV star was radiant in a bright blue gown, with a geometric cut-out pattern.
What a vision.
Never one to shy away from a bold fashion choice, Kerri-Anne looked fantastic in this colourful outfit.
And fresh from her induction into the TV WEEK Logies Hall of Fame, it's clear to see that Kerri-Anne doesn't show any signs of slowing down - and why should she!
“I have never won a Logie until now,” an emotional Kerri-Anne told TV WEEK.
“Maybe I’m getting the Hall Of Fame Logie for all those years of getting up so early to appear on TV, and if that’s the case, that’s good enough for me!”
Kerri-Anne also reflected on her new life with husband John after his spinal injury.
"The person who shares this accolade more than anyone else, is my husband John. He been with me for almost the whole circus, up close and personal," Kerri-Anne said in her winning speech.
"He was there to party, to celebrate, to commiserate. In the last 13 months it's been a pretty big learning curve. We've learnt things we didn't want to learn, or have to learn. We have learned, darling. And we will continue to learn."
Kerri-Anne Kennerley and John at the Logies 2017
But the couple go from strength to strength in their relationship, with John previously remarking: “I have watched her growth as a professional into one of the best interviewers in this country, let alone the world."
“As many guests and several prime ministers can attest to, I learned never to underestimate my wife!”