Great Scot! Every single time the royals looked terrific in tartan

It's Scotland's answer to fashion and the royals are here for it.

By Jess Pullar
Is there anything more quintessentially Scottish that a solid splash of tartan?
It appears the royals tend to think not. In fact, the Windsors have embraced the traditional pattern of the great Scots with such vehement that we want our own - and lots of it.
Whether it's for its warmth and practicality, or for its ability to pretty much never go out of fashion (seriously, this print has graced the mags, models and everyday sidewalks since, well, forever), there's no denying any tartan ensemble makes a sound style statement.
Meghan is giving us every reason to wear more tartan. (Image: Getty)
And here to give us all the inspiration we'll ever need are generations of the British royals, and countless pictures that provide pure joy for the eyeballs.
To celebrate the style (and provide sound justification for the humble tartan winter school uniform staple skirt), we've rounded up all the best royal moments in tartan.
Grab the bagpipes and get the haggis in the oven, the Windsor's are about to go full-blown Scotland on us.
All images: Getty

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