Queen of casual: All the super-chic outfits you forgot Princess Diana wore back in the day

A forever mood.

By Jess Pullar
If you're a fan of 90s fashion, chances are you'll have images of Princess Diana splashed far and wide across your mood boards.
The late People's Princess was an undeniable style icon of her time - and while her inspiring and charitable legacy lives on in both her sons, her impeccable fashion sense is also echoed throughout the wardrobes of millions.
To this day we still covet Diana's iconic biker shorts, her 90s pixie chop and who could forget that Travolta dress?
And though Diana tragically passed away in 1997, the world continues to take style cues from the jaw-droppingly beautiful royal.
That's why there are hundreds, if not thousands of pictures of her that you'll likely have seen (and ogled over) many a time.
But in alongside her most famous photos are the real hidden gems - the ones you rarely see.
Yes, while Diana was famous for her stunning evening gowns and perfectly primped ensembles for formal royal engagements, she also nailed cool-girl casual chic like a certified pro.
That's why we decided to go searching through the archives to find her very best outfits that we'd almost forgotten about - because who doesn't love an extra bit of inspo from our casual queen herself?
Keep scrolling for an 80s and 90s fashion extravaganza from the one and only Diana.
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