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5 reasons why high tea and high fashion will be your new favourite event

Tickets to the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival are selling fast.

Melbourne Fashion Show High Tea

It's that time again; the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival is back and this year The Australian Women's Weekly is proud to support the annual City of Stonnington High Tea where you can watch you favourite designers showcase their latest collections all while enjoying crust-less sandwiches. And that's not the only reason why you should book your tickets to Melbourne and your spot at the High Tea...

1. You can eat while you watch the show

None of these strict no-eating policies, here eating is welcomed and encouraged. With a menu created by Melbourne's Peter Rowland Catering you won't want to leave a single crumb on your plate.

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2. You can enjoy a glass of bubbly with friends

While we're on that note, who said sitting in the front row was all about serious sunglasses and dead-pan stares? Relax and enjoy the show with a glass of bubbles in one hand, and a macaron in the other. After all, this is your time out of the house away from the kids and hubby.

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3. You'll kill two birds with one stone

Shopping for your winter wardrobe while you snack. It's the type of multi-tasking every mum dreams of. With crowd-favourite designers including Leona Edmiston and Alannah Hill (full list here), you're certain to find something you like, all while doing something you probably would have anyway while holidaying in Melbourne. Which brings us to...

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4. Hello, girls' weekend in Melbourne

Need we say more? Australia's home of retail therapy is a shopping mecca and the sort of holiday destination that's not too far from home but just far enough (and with plenty to do) that it's still considered a holiday. Best of all, no lengthy passport queues and cheap flights there.

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5. The fashion show is basically free, and who doesn't love a freebie?

Tickets are only $95, which is pretty much what you'd pay for a high tea regardless. So you're getting to see the runway show for no extra cost.

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*There are two High Teas available, both on Saturday March 4. However tickets are filling fast so book now to avoid disappointment.

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