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The surprising colour we've never seen Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton wear

They take plenty of risks in the name of fashion, but they're not game when it comes to a certain hue...

By Jess Pullar
Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are known for their incredible sense of style, but if you look really closely at their array of different wardrobe looks, you might notice there is one particular colour that's glaringly missing.
Given the royals' knack for setting the fashion agenda seasons ahead of time, having one colour completely exempt from the spectrum definitely comes as a surprise.
However, there could be a very well-justified reason for this particular wardrobe evasion...
Kate is known for her love of wearing bright colours such as zesty yellows and raven red, and Meghan's knack for rocking a pastel pink ensemble has us fashion-fiends ogling for days.
But there's another light and bright colour that the pair point-blank never wear for any of their formal royal appearances - orange.
Taking a solid look through their photo archives will show you outfits of almost every colour, but the fruity shade is quite noticeably absent.
Kate loves wearing bright colours on occasion, but orange is yet to make the cut. (Getty)
And Meghan's on-point pink looks always have us ogling. (Getty)
This revelation about Kate and Meghan could be a head-scratcher given it's part and parcel for royals to opt for bright summery colours during their royal outings.
The Queen is iconic for wearing bright ensembles to her various formal engagements, and has been known to rock many an orange outfit in her time.
And like her mother, Princess Anne has also dared to don the shade.
The Queen has opted to wear the striking colour on more than one occasion. (Getty)
Anne has also chosen to wear a softer shade of the bright hue. (Getty)
Overseas, the ever-stylish Queen Letizia of Spain has also worn shades of orange to perfection.
And who could forget Princess Diana's niece, Lady Kitty Spencer, when she wore a bold outfit at Harry and Meghan's royal wedding that catapulted her into the best dressed lists? Spot the chic orange accessory!
Queen Letizia looks stunning in orange. (Getty)
And we're obsessed with Lady Kitty Spencer's zesty accessory that brightened up her royal wedding outfit in 2018! (Getty)
So with the above evidence in mind, it does seem strange that both Kate and Meghan haven't been game to wear the colour so far.
According to The Sun, there could be an intriguing reason behind it. While there isn't any specific protocol to dictate that the two royal mums can't wear orange, they claim they're simply making a sensible choice.
The colour apparently doesn't photograph well, making the women themselves appear somewhat pale in pictures by comparison.
When they're with the Queen, the pair also tend to opt for lighter colours so that the Queen's favoured bright colours aren't overshadowed.
Kate and Meghan often choose to wear neutral tones when the Queen is around. (Getty)
Her Majesty always makes a colourful statement! (Getty)
Going by these claims, we can't really blame the royals for shying away from the bright and bold colour - no one likes to look peaky in pics, and who would want to overshadow the ever-charming Queen Elizabeth?
That being said, there's no saying that we'll never see Kate or Meghan wear orange during their duties as royals.
In fact, going by how seamlessly they rock any and every other outfit, we reckon they'd be able to pull it off with no trouble.
Watch this space...
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