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The WINNING last-minute Melbourne Cup dress that save you $$$ (but bring the compliments)

Talk about cheap thrills!

By Ellie McDonald
Fashion and cash are two of our favourite things – too bad that they almost always knock each other over and out.
However, one super-savvy mum has taken on the challenge, pulling off the ultimate Kmart craft hack and creating a Melbourne Cup dress fit for Fashion On The Fields.
Yep, as reported by Mamamia, Aussie mum Brenda Trimboli uploaded her ingenious fash-hack to the Kmart Mums Australia Facebook group and, overnight, almost 20,000 people commented their love for it.
So, what’s her sartorial secret? Well, Brenda has, in fact, sewn not one but TWO Kmart dresses together to make a race-stopping frock that we all want in our own style arsenals, stat.
“I saw this dress at my local Kmart and loved the colour, but it was a bit too short for me,” she told
“So I took two dresses into the change room and tried one on and then flipped the other one upside down and stepped into it with the frill on the bottom.”
“That’s when the idea popped into my head to make it into a matching skirt.”
What Brenda has done is cut two dresses in half and basically stitched them together (with a waistband and a zip her friend helped her to include).
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