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Kath and Kim nailed the Melbourne cup and Derby Day looks for 2017 back in 2004

More than ten years later, the girls encompassed all the 2017 race day trends.

By Holly Royce
Pinterest has revealed all the most popular fashion trends in the leadup to the Melbourne Cup 2017, taking place on Tuesday, 7 November.
Dress styles confirmed that people will be opting for black geometric patterns, pink dresses and that of course, pastels will be reigning supreme at the races in 2017.
It's not exactly a surprise, as these have long been touted as the trends of the season... but it did remind us of something.
All these trends are ones which national icons, Kath, Kim and Sharon were sporting back in 2004 when they hit the Melbourne cup in season 3 of Kath and Kim.
And it's not just the dresses take a look below.
Style queens.

Why Sharon's outfit works

Sharon Karen Strzelecki is an underrated fashion icon if ever there was one and her avant-garde Melbourne cup outfit proves it.
Sharon wore a light purple, frilly feminine number, which ticks three very important tend boxes for 2017 including lady-like dresses and playful textures.
Not to be forgotten is her black fascinator (playing with colours) and her pale vintage, floral accessory which are pegged to be huge this season.

Why Kim's outfit works

Kim's bold, often misunderstood style of original feminist fashion (seriously, think about it) manifested in a blue ensable so dated it became timeless, managing to remain (mostly) on trend more than ten-yeas later.
The plunging, pastel blue dress she wore featured a ruched front and gave glimpse to a white boob tube underneath, which challenged the perception of acceptable textures at the time. Kim's fascinator is also a delightful cheeky hat tip to the floral accessory trend.
Kim's knee-high white boots (not pictured) are now being sold for almost $2000 by high end designers online.

Why Kath's outfit works

Pink, especially this exact shade of pastel pink is THE colour of 2017.
Kath's non-ironic embrace of Australiana and 80's inspired fashion is something of a cult phenomenon among hipsters and all of us who just can't bare to move on from the acid-washed glory days of mum jeans and embellished jumpers.
Her look could be one of the the best suited for Melbourne Cup 2017, no doubt you'll be spotting a lot of Kath Day-Knight copies track side this year.
Pink, especially this shade of pastel pink is THE colour of the season. That, paired with the stunning black geometric features and the playful textures, the vintage-inspired fascinator and the crowning glory (in this case Kath's poodleicous perm, in your case a chic tiara), makes Kath your ideal style icon for race day, 2017.
They're so behind, they're ahead.
Nice one ladies.