Glamour from near and afar: The best dressed celebs from the 2021 Golden Globe Awards

The world's most versatile red carpet is in action.

By Jess Pullar
Ask anyone and they'll tell you that the last 12 months have been somewhat of a curveball.
Normalities like lining up for a drink at the local pub, travelling overseas for a summer escape and hell, even breezily walking into the local supermarket to stock up on loo roll has gone out the door.
But in this new normal, handed to us all via the very unwelcome COVID-19 pandemic, humans have adapted, changed and modified their lives as we battle to contain the virus' spread.
And yes, even the most elite annual events have thrown all tradition out the window - the Golden Globes is just one of them.
In 2021, we're watching the Golden Globes from Down Under in a format not quite like we're used to.
Yes, we're still getting a red carpet, but instead of its usual grand auditorium set-up in LA, the event itself is being hosted in several different COVID-safe locations.
Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey will present from the the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles and the Rainbow Room in New York City, respectively.
As for the nominees, well - that's a free for all. Some have made it to the red carpet in the US, while others, especially those in locked down UK, are paging in virtually from their homes.
But don't think that the unusual format means there'll be any less fashion - we've still got plenty of that coming through in all different, glorious ways.
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