Controversial opinion: Camille is the unsung style hero of Emily In Paris

We've rounded up her best looks to prove it.

By Maddison Hockey
It seems as though everyone we talk to has found themselves caught in a Parisian love affair with Netflix hit series, Emily In Paris.
And, we can't blame them. In fact, we are them.
Created by Sex And The City's Darren Star, the show was bound to be a hit.
It's the perfect whimsical escape from our lounge rooms and, sadly, as close as most of us will come to travel for a long while.
The city scapes are a delight on the eyes but it's the fashion we fell for most (second to our new crush Gabriel aka Lucas Bravo).
In what may be a controversial opinion, however, we think it's gal pal Camille's (Camilee Razat) style choices that steal the show, rather than our main protagonist Emily's (Lily Collins).
While Emily opted for bold and daring choices that were often the fashion equivalent of a punch in the face, Camille's style was playful and chic.
Many of Emily's ensembles were an inspiration for tonal dressing, with the occasional few that screamed of being dressed by a toddler. And then, there was the parade of those hats...
Much more understated than her American counter-part, Camille's choices are a reminder of influential French designer Coco Chanel's most iconic sayings: ""Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off."
Which seems all too fitting.
If we could swap lives with either Camille or Emily, we'd do so in a heartbeat.
If we had to swap wardrobes, on the other hand, we know which character we'd be choosing.
Take a peek at her best fashion moments, below.