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Canadian model with vitiligo is the new face of Desigual

Chantelle Brown-Young has been announced as the new face of Spanish designer Desigual.

Chantelle, who appeared on reality show America's Next Top Model but was eliminated, lives with a rare skin condition called vitiligo, which causes pigment to disappear. She was diagnosed when she was four-years-old.
The brand said the 20-year-old model was a perfect fit with the brand’s philosophy of enjoying life and being happy.
"Desigual stands for being unusual and unique and atypical, so they figured I’d be the perfect person for that," Chantelle told the New York Post.
"They had a new line that had a lot of dots. And some of my skin patterns are dots. In the campaign video, there’s a part where the dot on a scarf lines up perfectly with a dot I have on my waist, and I thought that was the coolest thing ever."
According to the Vitiligo Association of Australia, the condition is relatively common, affecting one to two per cent of the population.

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