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A designer fashion label is charging almost $5k for this bag and the internet is not amused

Nah, we're good thanks.

By Amber Manto
Balenciaga blanket bag

There’s nothing like buying a new doona, unzipping that bag and fluffing it up, ready for a quality night’s sleep. But stop right there if you plan on throwing out the plastic bag it comes in because you’re basically throwing out a designer item.

Fashion label Balenciaga's latest offering is a $4790 extra-large textured-leather printed tote which bears an uncanny similarity to the PVC bag doonas come in.

^ Same, same but different.

The brand itself admits the 100 per cent lambskin tote is inspired by a "flower blanket" however the internet is not convinced this is actually fashion and has questioned why you'd pay thousands of dollars for something you can essentially score for free.

Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter.
Photo courtesy of Net-a-Porter.

All jokes aside, the leather bag is made in Italy so it's very fancy and no doubt better constructed than the transparent version you get free with every doona purchase. However, this might just be a little out of our budgets this time around. Sorry, Balenciaga.