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Three years ago, The Dry with Australia’s own Eric Bana premiered, taking the nation by storm. In a career first, Eric had the opportunity to return to his role as Aaron Falk for Force of Nature: The Dry 2.

“On the one hand it felt easy because I’m doing a character that I already know which is a real privilege,” Eric confessed to TV WEEK at the premiere of his new film, adding, “on the other hand its daunting because it’s like ‘okay well how does this setting change him? How does he change as a person? Where does he go from here?’.”

Force of Nature released early-February.

(Image: Roadshow Films)

Based on the novels by Jane Harper, five women escape the city with a remote hiking return. However, only four women return, and all have something to hide from the police. Detective Aaron Falk hunts for the truth, while we as viewers cling to suspense.

Working alongside Eric in the new Aussie drama is Deborra-Lee Furness (Jill Bailey), Anna Torv (Alice), Sis Stringer (Beth), Robin McLeavy (Lauren), Lucy Ansell (Bree), Jacqueline McKenzie (Carmen) and Richard Roxburgh (Daniel Bailey).

In a harsh juxtaposition from its title, Force of Nature: The Dry was filmed in lush green forest where horrendous downfall of rain pushed its stars to the limits – a side of Australia rarely captured on film.

For Eric, the premiere hosted with Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the distance, was a full circle moment given he stood in the same spot three years ago for the launch of The Dry.

Five women enter the woods, but only four return.

(Image: Roadshow Films)

When the first instalment of Jane Harper’s three part series was released, the brilliant minds behind its creation were not seeking a franchise but rather hopeful for its singular success. Now, as we well know, viewers have returned to see the second film.

So, will there be a third adventure for Detective Aaron Falk?

“We didn’t think that far ahead,” he laughed. “When we made The Dry we had no conversations about doing this. We knew this was possible, but we just wanted to make the best film we possibly could.

“And we did the same on this one. We didn’t really think about the third one, we have to make the best possible film we can and just do that job. So, we’ll get this one out and we’ll see what happens.”

Force of Nature: The Dry 2 will hit cinemas in Australia on February 2024. However, The Dry is available for streaming on Apple TV, Stan, and Netflix.

Or perhaps if you’re a ‘read the book before watching the movie’ type of person, the novels are available for purchase. The titles of Aaron’s three-part adventure series are (in order) The Dry, Force of Nature and Exiles.

Stream Force of Nature: The Dry 2 now on Apple TV+ with a 7 day free trial. Subscribe here.

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