EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelorette’s Jarrod Woodgate forced into hiding!

The wine guru hasn’t been able to avoid the cameras, forcing him to hide out at home!
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Jarrod Woodgate went on The Bachelorette looking for love.

“I want to settle down – I want kids and I want to get married,” he shares.

But he definitely got a lot more than he bargained for! All the media attention has been super “weird” for Jarrod and he’s taken to hiding out at home purely to avoid the cameras.

“I’ve been followed from my house for the last three weeks,” he says. “They are just trying to find ammo to make me look even creepier than they already think I am.”

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As for why they think he’s “creepy,” let us explain.

Ever since scoring the first single date with Sophie Monk, the poor guy’s been trolled on social media and labelled a stage five clinger by most viewers.

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After trying to gift Sophie some seedlings in a pot plant with the idea that he could share a huge part of his life (i.e. managing a vineyard) with her, the backlash he copped was intense. Even the boys in the house allegedly tampered with Jarrod’s plant, ensuring it doesn’t grow.

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Jarrod is adamant that he’s been portrayed all wrong.

And Jarrod has a clear message for anyone that thinks his trip to Mexico had anything to do with tailing Sophie.

“The reason that I wanted to go to Mexico was that there was a sound guy on the show that was telling me all about it,” he tells OK!.

But Jarrod’s just been shrugging off the haters as best he can. “I’ve just been working hard on the vineyard. Monday to Friday and then hiding in the house on the weekend,” he explains. Avoiding the negative media attention has become his priority.

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