Home and Away’s love triangle: Who’s heading for a broken heart this week?

Someone will get stuck in the middle
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The slow-burning romance between Jasmine and Robbo could fizzle out this week when he agrees to have a baby with Tori!

The life-changing news, which comes about in dramatic episodes of Home And Away, is bound to cause problems between the trio.

But especially for Jasmine (Sam Frost), who has just realised she wants to be with Robbo (Jake Ryan).

At the Diner, Robbo mulls over Tori’s (Penny McNamee) request for him to be a sperm donor. The local doc proposed the idea after deciding to have a baby via IVF.

“Robbo and Tori shared a beautiful moment where he thanked her for all she has done for him,” Penny, 35, tells TV WEEK.

“This was the first time Tori considered asking him to be the donor.”

Robbo owes her everything. But is he ready to take such a big step?

Unbeknown to him, Jasmine clocks his arrival and prepares to initiate a chat about their future. Armed with two coffees, she plucks up the courage to ask him out.

“He doesn’t quite realise that Jasmine has developed feelings for him,” Jake, 35, says.

Tori asks Robbo if he has made a decision about being a sperm donor.

To her surprise, Tori gets to Robbo first. Jasmine retreats and watches from afar as the two friends chat.

“The beautiful thing about Tori and Robbo is that there are no romantic feelings between them,” Penny says.

“But they do truly support and care for one another.”

Outside the Diner, Tori presses Robbo about his decision. To her surprise, he wants to go for it!

“Robbo says yes to being a donor,” Penny reveals.

“His decision stems from his desire to be a father again and his determination to help Tori achieve her dream of becoming a mother – he owes her his life.”

Thrilled, the friends share a lingering embrace in celebration of their baby plans – and a crestfallen Jasmine watches from a distance.

Is there more to their connection than just friendship?

Jasmine watches as Robbo and Tori share a joyus moment.

The following morning, Robbo and Tori meet at the Diner before a trip to the city. The IVF clinic requires them both to talk to a counsellor before proceeding.

Unfortunately, Jasmine is doing a coffee run at the same time and notices them together. With their bags packed, she concludes they are off on a romantic getaway.

Afterwards, she laments her disappointment to Irene (Lynne McGranger) and vows to bury her feelings.

“Robbo and Jasmine like each other, and this would certainly complicate things,” Penny hints.

Is this the end for Robbo and Jasmine – and potentially the start of Tori and Robbo?

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