Young loves, new loves & full-blown families: The cast of Bondi Rescue’s biggest fans are their real-life partners

Plenty of couple selfies at the beach to go around.
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It’s the show every Australian has watched for its high-anticipation, realness and, of course, its dash of light-hearted humour.

Yes, Bondi Rescue has taken over our screens and hearts for years now – and while we’re always concerned for the wellbeing of the lifeguards patients, it’s also the brave and bold lifeguards themselves who we’re heavily invested in.

You have to wonder whenever we see Hoppo make an incredible, yet emotionally exhausting save, or Beardy sprinting after a troublesome teen, or even young Max tackle the sands alongside the show’s iconic veterans – who looks after them?

Well, as it turns out, it seems the cast have the most incredible support in the form of their respective partners – all of whom are their own wonder women (and wonder-men!) in their own rights.

Keep scrolling as we unveil the Bondi Rescue cast’s real life partners



Hoppo’s partner, Karen Griffin

A stalwart on Australia’s favourite beachside show, Hoppo and his long-term partner Karen Griffin finally married in September 2020 – a true COVID wedding after they were first forced to postpone their nuptials earlier that year.



The pair’s love and affection for each other is clear with just a quick scroll through their Instagram feeds.


daniel mclaughlin

Daniel ‘Beardy’ McLaughlin’s partner, Courtney Lee Ormsby

Known for his beard and wit, Beardy is a smitten kitten when it comes to his partner Courtney – and she’s a firecracker in her own right with a clothing label, Billie Mae, as well as recently welcoming their new baby girl, Marlowe.


daniel mclaughlin-baby

The new parents are besotted with their new arrival.


Courtney Lee

And the fashion designer and her mini-me are already finding ways to twin.


Max Ayshford

Max Ayshford’s girlfriend, Bridgette Lee

As one of the cast’s younger members, Max is settling into the role of ‘influencer’ with his stunning girlfriend Bridgette by his side. After going Insta official last year, the pair have been all over each other’s feeds since.



Bridgette is a girl boss in her own right, with a brow & skin specialist business heading up her resume.


Anthony Carroll

Anthony ‘Harries’ Carroll’s wife, Emily Carroll

Anthony and Emily are a true Bondi It-Couple. While Anthony works the sands, Emily works the core… literally. She’s a Pilates instructor, sharing her skills, tips and business ventutres with her strong following on Instagram.



The pair also share two adorable boys – no doubt they’ll one day grow up following in both parents’ very active living footsteps.


Juliana King

Juliana King’s partner, Darius King

The brilliant Juliana actually dabbled in reality TV beyond Bondi Rescue when she appeared on the Honey Badger’s season of The Bachelor. As you can guess, that wasn’t meant to be – and thank goodness, because it made room for her ultimate love – Darius.


Juliana King-2

And surprise! The pair announced they’d welcomed their first child together this year – a gorgeous baby boy called Thorian.


Dean Gladstone

Dean Gladstone’s partner, Katy Graczer

Dean and Katy are a couple force to be reckoned with, what with their positive, uplifting wholesome Insta posts and business ventures together.


Dean Gladstone

Indeed, these two know a thing or two about wellness, they run a breathing and yoga empire in Sydney’s east. Next stop, the world.



Andy Reid’s wife, Dr. Kate

Though Reidy is known for his sharp and quick wit and overwhelming confidence, his wife is more into a low-key life. Though that doesn’t stop Reidy from a cheeky PDA or three – he shared this gorgeous candid pic of the pair to Instagram this year writing: “I’m not even sure if the great Albert Einstein could figure why you chose me but I’m glad you did.”



The pair have two gorgeous kids who also make frequent appearances on the proud Dad’s Instagram account.



Ryan Clark’s wife, Gina Clark

Before he was a famous Bondi lifeguard fondly known as Whippet, Ryan Clark was a Home & Away child star – but amongst his busy life on screen, he found the love of his life in Gina.



The pair share three children between them – all boys! His eldest Nixon is seven, Jett is five and Marley Colin was welcomed to their brood just this year.

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