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Cody Simpson is absolutely the Robot on The Masked Singer and this MAJOR clue proves it

The singer has touched down in Sydney.
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It’s been an intense four weeks on The Masked Singer with the final three: Robot, Monster and Wolf, set to battle it out for the crown.

And while we think we may have cracked the code on all three, there’s one celeb that we have no doubt in our minds who is under that mask and that is the Robot.

We’ve had our suspicions for a while now, especially because the Robot is very clearly a professional singer and dancer, however, it is actually this celeb’s physical whereabouts that seemingly has confirmed his identity.

Aussie singing sensation, Cody Simpson has arrived back on home soil, after flying in from his current residence in LA.

And while this is where he grew up, we’re still questioning why he is actually here.

There has been no new tour announcement, nor an official appearance organised; and currently, the 22-year-old is in the throws of a hot new romance with Liam Hemsworth’s ex, Miley Cyrus, whom we can’t imagine he’d want to be away from.

So doesn’t it seem a little odd that he’s here…UNLESS of course, he IS the Robot.

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Is Cody Simpson the Robot on The Masked Singer Australia?

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But this is not the only reason we believe (know) that the iYiYi singer is under the mask.

Back in July, Cody was in Australia and was believed to have filmed his appearances back then.

Fans of the show have been guessing his identity since the very first clue package in week one, with the first set of clues alluding to the fact that Robot was “created by the digital age” – with Cody being born in 1997.

In the same set, we were also told that Robot “cares about the real world”, and it showed him collecting rubbish out of a swimming pool and popping it into a bag with the “UN” written on it.

In 2017, to mark World Oceans Day, the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) named Cody as its first-ever Ocean Advocate to help raise awareness of the crucial role the ocean plays in the health of the planet and people.

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Other clues included Robot being “surrounded by gold” and “as a young robot, my favourite animal was the butterfly” – which refers to Cody growing up on the Gold Coast as a competitive butterfly swimmer.

And while these clues are a sure thing, guessing panellist Lindsay Lohan is also sure that Cody is under the mask, he did date her sister after all!

“Originally, I was thinking a Backstreet Boy and now I’m thinking it’s Cody Simpson,” she said after his stand-out performance of Outta My Head.

“Cody Simpson’s very proactive in the ocean. And it would be a really big throw-off if it was Cody ’cause he dated my sister for a long time,” before adding: “I feel like I know you and that’s what scares me the most.”

Is Cody Simpson the Robot?

(Source: Network Ten)

So, is the Robot really Cody Simpson? We think so.

And during Monday’s finale of The Masked Singer, we are going to know for sure.

But before then, behold all of the clues given about Robot, thus far!

The Masked Singer finale airs on Monday at 7.30pm on Network Ten.


The Robot

  • “I was created by the digital age.”

  • “I really care about the real world.” (picking up rubbish from water and the UN)

  • “I’ve always been connected to the water.” (Surfboard)

  • “Growing up, I was surrounded by gold.”

  • “As a young robot, my favourite animal was the butterfly.”

  • “Now, I prefer something that goes ‘tweet’.”

  • “I’ve been to many awards nights, from a very early age.”

  • And they can dance!

  • “After my last performance, the only thing the panel is sure of is that this robot can move and sing.”

  • “But are they on to me? Do they suspect who is under the robot mask?”

  • “Like many robots, I headed East like a moth to a flame, but I soon realised others were controlling my program. I felt like such a clone! So I short-circuited the production line and I’m now very much my own robot.”

  • Bubble gum popped by security guard.

  • “I always knew I had a lot of creative circutry inside me. You can say I’m multi-layered like a Russian doll or an onion. I love playing “the game” in fact I think I’m quite good at it.”

  • “Having a metal head makes me headstrong and can cause serious glitches.”

  • “I am definitely not a robot who stays in one lane and with tonight’s performance, I intend to mix it up with an Aussie classic.”

  • Song: Horses

  • “Some years ago, I was honoured by a grand historian.”

  • “I performed a song I never would normally sing.”

  • “It can be tough inside this robot mask, it’s not easy to communicate with anyone.”

  • “I’m extremely social and was privileged growing up.”

  • Find myself having more resolution.

  • Guitar, spaghetti, Hawaii sticker

  • Swimming trophies

  • “I won them around the same time I first made a splash.”

  • “My last performance was robots best.”

  • “I’m still dazzling them with my digital dance moves.”

  • “Robots were created to make the world more wonderful for humans.” (Holding a globe)

  • “I love all the oceans, not just crossing the Atlantic.”

  • “I’m not really into heavy metal. Bubblegum pop just grinds my gears. I want to sing what I want to sing.”

  • Song: Outta My Head

  • “I will tell you something on the DL. I’ve spent time with MC Hammer.”

  • “I took a calculated risk singing a Kylie song but I always think what the heck, fortune favours a brave robot. It’s no mistake I made it this far. Robots don’t make mistakes.

  • We never tire, we never go to bed.

  • “From an early age it was head down following the same direction.

  • “Of course, I never forget that the family that stays together, plays together.”

  • “Now it’s time for this robot to do its own thing, so hold on.”

  • Song: Joelene

  • “I’m a competitor, that’s how I grew up. I love to win. Whatever I do, i give it everything I can.”

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