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Mercedes Corby to get Married At First Sight

We would 100% be tuning in for this!
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The sister of convicted drug smuggler Schapelle Corby is rumoured to be in talks with Married At First Sight producers for the 2019 season after applying for the hit reality TV show in previous years.

Mum-of-three, Mercedes Corby, who is separated from her Balinese husband Wayan Widyartha, is yet to sign a contract for the matchmaking series, but has passed the audition process and done screen tests.

“Production is currently underway so if she has been cast then she’s keeping it very hush-hush,” a friend reveals.

“She’s desperate to settle down and she’s a fan of Married At First Sight, so it’s a process she’s open to.”

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Mercedes and her sister Schapelle are both currently single.

In recent weeks, Woman’s Day revealed two brides have pulled out of their weddings last minute so if Mercedes is yet to secure a spot now could be her chance to meet the man of her dreams down the aisle.

After splitting from her husband Wayan in 2014, MAFS could be just the remedy to restart Mercedes’ love life.

And it wouldn’t be the mother-of-three’s first foray in the spotlight.

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Over the years, Mercedes has become the unofficial spokesperson for her family and sister, Schapelle Corby, and starred on programs like 60 Minutes and most recently Studio 10.

She’s also famously posed in a bikini on the cover of the now defunct Ralph magazine in 2008.

While the MAFS relationship success rate is at an all-time low, with literally no couples from all five seasons together, landing a high-profile name like Mercedes would no doubt be a ratings bonanza.

The mother-of-three is no stranger to the spotlight.

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