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MAFS’ Sam Ball has finally broken his silence after skipping the dramatic finale

The controversial groom has finally spoken out, and what he had to say might surprise you.
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After a dramatic final dinner party reunion, it would be safe to say Married at First Sight‘s Sam Ball wasn’t exactly the most liked lad in Australia.

He didn’t help his case at all when it was then announced that he would be skipping out on the second part of the show’s finale, which aired on Monday night.

But now, the 26-year-old has finally resurfaced on none other than A Current Affair – fitting given his current status in Australia.

And instead of attempting to snub the cameras and questions so often avoided by other culprits on the show, Sam has spoken out directly, and what he had to say might surprise you.

Sam has finally broken his silence following his no-show on Monday night’s reunion episode. (Image: Nine)

Reporter Reid Butler tracked down Sam after calling his mobile, visiting his home and going to the construction site he works at.

Eventually tracking him down outside a gas station, Sam broke his silence to the cameras: “I just didn’t want any part in the show, you know what I mean, like, the drama and all that.”

He referenced the highly criticised “affair” he had with fellow participant Ines Basic while he was “married” to on-screen wife Lizzie Sobinoff.

“I didn’t want to disrespect Ines or anyone. Like Elizabeth or everyone, like I feel bad. The way she felt in the scene, her reactions and stuff. I’m sorry for her and anyone who got offended by what I said, I’m sorry.”

WATCH: Ines and Sam hatch their “stay” plan as their affair continues to develop. Story continues after video…

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While Sam’s apology is somewhat unexpected, other castmates believed Sam missed his opportunity to redeem himself by skipping the final reunion.

Another groom on the show, Nic Jovanovic, earlier told ACA that he believed Sam could have made better amends before now.

“I think Sam had a really good opportunity last night to turn up and apologise to [Elizabeth] and say, ‘Look, I wasn’t into you,” he told the reporter.

He continued to suggest Sam could have also apologised to Ines for things getting “too full on”.

Other cast mates believe Sam missed his opportunity to come clean after he skipped out on the finale. (Image: Nine)

MAFS expert John Aiken also agreed.

“He was given the opportunity to come to the reunion and give people closure and also to say his part and he chose not to and I think ultimately Sam decided, ‘This is too much, I don’t want to face the music,'” he told ACA.

Aiken said Sam would undoubtebly be “feeling the heat” in the days following his surprise no-show.

In March, Sam infamously denied his affair with Ines to media, saying it was “wasn’t real”.

A clearly unimpressed Ines took things upon herself to respond, posting a crude Instagram story describing exactly why the affair wasn’t fake at all, by going into detail about his bedroom behaviour.

While Sam himself didn’t hit back at the claim, he’s certainly kept a low profile in the weeks since.

But for now, perhaps his apology on ACA is a sign from the groom that he’s reconsidering his actions in an attempt to slot back into society without being labelled as one of the most controversial men in Australia … stay tuned.

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