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Married At First Sight’s Melissa leaves: “It made me feel sick”

Melissa is appalled at how husband Dino invaded her privacy
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Melissa’s marriage to Dino came to an explosive end last night on Married At First Sight when she discovered he’d eavesdropped and recorded a private phone conversation she’d had with her sister.

Her dismay was compounded when Dino chose to share the recording with other people.

Melissa said the incident made her lose faith in her partner.

“It made me feel sick,” Melissa, 38, tells TV WEEK. “It’s creepy and made me lose every bit of trust I had − and to wonder what else he was doing. Who does that to their partner?”

Melissa and Dino’s relationship came to an end.

Melissa says the fallout from the incident confirmed her doubts about their already rocky relationship.

“A few days after I found out about the recording, he said, ‘Look, if we weren’t in this experiment and we walked past each other in the street, I wouldn’t look twice at you.’

“And he said, ‘I’ve been trying to find some kind of attraction to you, but after I heard what you’d said, I’d never be attracted to you.’

“This was all because I told my sister on the phone I didn’t understand his wedding vows.”

“I felt like we were the joke of the experiment,” Melissa says of her relationship with Dino.

Melissa says she’s disappointed at how things turned out for her on the reality dating show.

“I felt like we were the joke of the experiment,” she says. “It’s upsetting, because I thought I was going to get what I asked for [from the show’s relationship experts].”

Married At First Sight airs Monday to Wednesday, and Sunday, 7.30pm, Nine Network.

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