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What REALLY happened between MAFS’ Cyrell and the Café owner in Shoal Bay

''Cyrell was having a go at the customer for taking a photo or video as they were walking past.''
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They say there are two sides to every story and in the case of Cyrell Jiminez-Paule’s racial attack over the weekend, it seems there is more to it then we first thought.

Yesterday, it was reported that the former Married at First Sight star was involved in an altercation with a staffer of the Pelican Café in Shoal Bay.

However, this morning, the 30-year-old and her boyfriend Eden Dally appeared on the Kyle and Jackie O show in a fiery face off with the owner of the shop, Deborah Wilson.

While the star claimed it was “unprovoked and racially-motivated”, Deborah told a different story – starting with the fact that it was a “regular customer” and not one of her staff.

“I saw everything,” she told the KIIS FM co-hosts.

“My staff, which happened to be two of my daughters, were in the kitchen and we noticed [Cyrell and Eden] walking past and a customer went from my shop outside to take photos or video.”

“Cyrell was having a go at the customer for taking a photo or video as they were walking past… I don’t know what was said or happened outside.

“They got in their car and drove past and did a U-turn and came back into my shop and said ‘Does this café have an issue with us?’ and I said ‘No’.”

She also took to her business’ Facebook page to ask people to take into consideration “that this is my business, my livelihood & my family,” saying that this entire episode had “ruined” her business.

“I would appreciate people taking into consideration that this is my business, my livelyhood & my family,” Deborah wrote on Facebook.

(Source: Facebook)

Cyrell and Eden then responded to the claims.

“We were having lunch and then we were going back to Cyrell’s car and then this feral girl from across the street yelled, ‘Hey Cyrell you mutt’ and Cyrell said ‘What did you say?’ – and [the woman] said ‘You’re a mutt… perhaps I should use the word black monkey, maybe that suits her better?” Eden revealed.

“We went in our car to drive off and as we’re driving past they’re standing there and pretending to throw objects at our car – so then we pulled over walked in the cafe.”

Currently, police are seeking witnesses.

WATCH NEXT: Cyrell and Eden face off with cafe owner on Kyle and Jackie O’s radio show. Post continues…

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On Sunday, Cyrell accused the restaurant owner of a racial and physical attack while holidaying with boyfriend Eden Dally in Shoal Bay.

Taking to her Instagram on Sunday, the break-out star of season six was visibly shaken as she claimed she was called a “black monkey” before showing a picture of her neck covered in scratches.

The woman from the cafe, who has not been identified to the public, reportedly grabbed Cyrell by the throat.

“This lady, a restaurant owner… thought it would be hilarious while I’m walking down the street to turn around and call me a ‘f—*ing black…,” Cyrell says in the videos, trailing off before Eden comes to her aide.

[The woman] called [Cyrell] a black monkey and came outside and tried to fight her so I walked in the cafe and said ‘what’s the need to be racist and call people black monkeys?’ Then she grabbed Cyrell by the throat and pushed her and I had to defend Cyrell,” he added.

Cyrell (pictured here with her boyfriend Eden Dally) is visibly shaken after a racist attack against her.

(Source: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

Later, Cyrell, who was born to Filipino parents, shared a photograph of the injuries she sustained with the caption: “Thank u! To the racist woman… who grabbed my throat… U scratched my black monkey neck [sic],” before sharing video of the events taken by an eye-witness.

Cyrell shared a picture of her injuries to her Instagram story.

(Source: Instagram @cyrelljimenezpaule)

Rushing to her defence, her co-stars and past MAFS participant Dean Wells sent messages of support via their own Instagram platforms.

“Someone who works there attacks Cyrell for no other reason than she’s on a TV show,” Dean said and then added: “Calls her a black monkey, grabs her by the throat.. This place is disgusting. This place should be shut down. It blows my mind there’s still ignorant, racist morons out there.”

Billy Vincent also shared a video to his Instagram story:

“There is no place for racism in Australia. There’s no place for violence in Australia,” he said. “We have to have that no tolerance policy. It’s unforgivable. Stop it, it’s not on.”

Other cast members, Cam Merchant and Jules Robinson, both shared messages of support to their stories, which Cyrell later shared.

“Thinking of my dear friend. No one deserves to be assaulted and called names. And especially for no reason. What is with people?”

WATCH NEXT: Fellow MAFS‘ stars speak out in response to Cyrell’s attack. Post continues after video…

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Dino Hira, who is of Indian descent, also shared a post on his Instagram which read:

“Celebrating Cultural Diversity on possibly Australia’s biggest TV show! @cyrelljimenezpaule @ning_sura85. What you went through today @cyrelljimenezpaule is just not right and highlights a complete backwards way of thinking.”

“The ones who matter will always know you for your genuine fun spirited nature.

“Regardless of race, colour, religion, we are all Human! To celebrate that fact speaks volumes of ones character and spirit! It is where beauty and strength lies! 🌎”

Dino shared this photo of him with Cyrell and Ning during MAFS.

(Source: Instagram @Dino_Hira)

In an interview with Now to Love last week, Cyrell spoke about how fans had been responding to her.

“It’s a bit of everything to be honest. You get some that are very, very supportive; that have been great,” she said, while adding: “They’ve told me how I’ve helped them to speak out and be more independent and that’s the nice things to hear.

“But then you unfortunately you get the bad with some of them calling me a ‘monkey’, I’ve been told to go back to my country, I’ve been called a ‘male’, you know, transgender. But it’s the support of good friends who help me get through that.”

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