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OPINION: Why are we outraged by MAFS and not The Bachelor?

Former Bachelor star Heather Maltman says the marriages on MAFS are as believable as the Earth being flat, so why are we so outraged?
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As we come out of Married At First Sight’s haze of drama and prepare ourselves to move into The Bachelor season, it felt time to discuss a topic that I cannot get out of my pretty little noggin’.

Why is The Bachelor more socially acceptable than Married At First Sight when it comes to the old-fashioned “swing” or partner swap?

Before you get your torches and pitchforks out to hunt me like a blood sport on Instagram, let me preface this by saying: I watch these shows and enjoy the viewing. Always have. Always will.

It’s just fascinating, however, that the outrage surrounding MAFS, we don’t seem to experience when watching The Bachelor or The Bachelorette.

Heather Maltman questions why we are outraged by MAFS, but not The Bachelor?

Would you be p—-d off if your boyfriend cheated on you? And don’t we live in a society now where being de facto holds as much weight as being married?

It appears to be more about the connection, not the ring on the finger these days. As divorce rates are so high, it’s almost a laughable waste of money to pop on the white dress and walk down an aisle.

It can’t be the term “married” that’s getting everyone p—-d at the partner swapping on Married At First Sight. Here are two reasons why:

  1. Trust is the same with any one person – the ring is just a symbol.

  2. Ummm, they’re not really married. It’s just a ceremony. It’s technically a de facto relationship, so that logic is out the window – along with the Earth being flat.

I can already hear your outrage directed at me now…

“It isn’t right, Maltman.”

“It’s the principle.”

“What about the sanctity of marriage?”

Wait! Isn’t The Bachelor and The Bachelorette – which follows one person dating a harem of men or women, kissing them all whenever they want – kinda the same as swapping partners on MAFS?

Married At First Sight duo Dan and Jessika have been shamed for their cheating scandal.

What about the sanctity of dating exclusively?

The Bachelor is all about the lead male or female trawling through a number of selected hopefuls to find a person who genuinely wants to be there for love, looking past the people who want Instagram followers and a soy candle business*.

Do you think my Bachelor Sam Wood sat us all down before every date he went on and said, “Hey, FYI… I may touch up the girl I see today just a little bit, and maybe mack on a touch. Just a heads up. Sweet, I’ma head out then.”


That never happened. We had no idea who he was kissing and who he wasn’t unless we were told AFTER THE FACT. Which is normally how you find out someone is cheating anyway.

On MAFS, you’re only allowed to kiss the person you got paired with – even if they’re a dud. That just sucks!

“Isn’t The Bachelor kinda the same as swapping partners on MAFS?

Are you realising how nuts this is yet?

I am not condoning cheating. It sucks. I’ve had it happen to me. I am merely saying that there really is no difference between The Bachelor and MAFS.

But the simple answer as to why you feel all that outrage and anger towards MAFS and not The Bachelor is because they told you to.

Yep, it’s that simple. It’s some kind of PR brainwashing genius. That’s it!

The drama comes from the perception that is created before you even watch the first episode. The rules are drummed into you before you watch. You’re not even outraged for the reasons you think.

And once you realise this, both shows are bloody funny to watch.

That’s it from me. Stay tuned next week when we debunk the theory of a round Earth and finally prove that the earth is, in fact, flat.

*There actually was a girl in the Mansion during my season who wanted to get famous for making soy candles.

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