Chloë Grace Moretz set to star in the Tom and Jerry live-action movie

Nostalgia is back to hit us again with a new version of Tom and Jerry - and there's a very familiar face joining them.
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The antagonistic antics of Tom and Jerry are getting their turn on the big screen in an era of reboots, with the vision of director Tim Story reinventing them.

Many animated films have been produced for Tom and Jerry but this will be the first theatrical release.

Actress Chloë Grace Moretz is the first cast member to be confirmed as one of the movie’s human characters.

Moretz is set to star in the live action remake of Tom and Jerry (Getty)

The movie is live action in the traditional sense with actors playing roles around CGI versions of Tom and Jerry. (Think Space Jam.)

Seeing the CGI versions of the two classic cartoon characters will be interesting as we don’t know yet if the new versions will be animated in a cartoonish manner or more photo-realistic like The Lion King (2019).

Concept art was posted on Daniel Richtman of SuperBroMovies on Twitter but the image was quickly removed.

Warner Bros has decided that Tom and Jerry’s characters will not be speaking like their cartoon counterparts, eliminating the need for voice actors for the roles.

Tom and Jerry is a 20th century classic. (Warner Bros. World)

According to the folks at Collider, Moretz will be playing a new employee named Kayla at an upscale hotel who realises that Jerry, the pesky mouse that has taken residence, threatens to ruin a glamourous upcoming wedding.

To prevent this she decides to hire the services of alley-cat Tom to banish Jerry.

A plan like that never unfolds so simply in stories like these though do they? The main characters must band together eventually against Kayla’s villainous boss.

Watch Chloe Grace Moretz discuss what brought her to her role in If I Stay (2014)… Story continues after video.

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Tom and Jerry is not the most talked about cartoon these days so having Moretz on board is an impressive casting choice to draw viewers to the Tom and Jerry movie.

Moretz’ has had a diverse range of acting roles.

The young actress’s recent films include Greta (2018) and the voice of Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family the latter of which is to be released December 5 in Australia.

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