10 gender neutral Kris Kringle Christmas gift ideas

Perfect for guys AND gals.

By Rebecca Sullivan
So, you've found yourself having to hunt around for an affordable, gender-neutral Kris Kringle gift for your office Secret Santa.
Gender neutral gifts can be extremely challenging to find, but they're a necessity if your workplace runs the kind of Christmas-gifting policy where it's a total lucky dip, so you don't know which colleague, male or female, you've been tasked with finding a gift for.
We searched far and wide in the deepest, darkest corners of the internet, as well as our local Westfield, to bring you 10 gender neutral Kris Kringle gifts that are affordable and fun, and are appropriate to give to everyone from your work BFF, to your boss, to your office nemesis.
So keep on scrolling to read our awesome gift suggestions.
Don't be like Michael from The Office and give people awkward, inappropriate Kris Kringle gifts. Supplied