Why The Voice contestant Faskia has something to prove

Fasika is determined to show her dad that dreams are worth chasing.

By Kietley Isrin
For Fasika Ayallew, The Voice isn’t just the opportunity of a lifetime; it’s a chance to prove to her parents that music is a serious career move.
“My dad is Ethiopian and in Ethiopian culture it’s really looked down upon to be an entertainer,” the 19-year-old from NSW admits to TV WEEK.
“Growing up my dad always told me, ‘You don’t want to be a singer, why would you want to entertain other people when people can entertain you?’”
Instead, Fasika’s father was keen for her to pursue her studies and leave singing behind.
Faskia and her father.
“He’s the studious type and he has a PhD in Ecology,” Fasika explains.
“So he loves science and it broke his heart when I didn’t do medicine and go down that science route.”

Despite the fact Fasika eventually enrolled to study law, it was only when her father saw her sing at the blind auditions that he came around.
“My blind audition was the first time he saw me perform and he was really proud,” Fasika says. “He’s even started giving me feedback when I practice at home, telling me when I’m going flat!
“His support is growing and I’m really happy about that.”

After her stunning performance, Faskia earned herself a place on Team Delta, much to the regret of fellow coach Kelly Rowland, who didn’t turn around.
“I’m so mad,” Kelly said during last night’s episode. “I’m really upset with myself.”
“I think that there are such sweet moments in your voice, you’re just going to continue to grow and juts get better and better,” she added.
Kelly couldn't hide her regret.

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