What’s next for Wanted star Stephen Peacocke?

“It may be the last time he’s on the Tele in a while…”

By Elisa Parry
The finale of season two of Wanted hits screens tonight and according to Rebecca Gibney, it may be her co-star Stephen Peacocke’s last TV appearance in a while.
Noooooo! Say it isn’t so!
Rebecca posted a picture of the pair on Instagram last night writing, “It may be the last time he’s (Stephen) on Tele in a while… just sayin…”
She also used the hashtags "itsagoodie" as well as "#andtheLASTONE". We really hope she doesn't mean this is the last EVER episode of Wanted?!

This news is very distressing, considering earlier this year, Rebecca told TV WEEK that Steve was keen to reprise the role for a third season.
“He's very open to coming back for season three, if we want to,” Rebecca said.
Stephen was also full of praise for Rebecca, and the show, saying, “There’s a good reason she has a huge following. She’s pulled off something pretty extraordinary with that show.”
Stephen also confirmed to TV WEEK that he’d be back if a third season of the series was to go ahead.
“I’ll definitely do it –unless they get Harrison Ford to step in for me.”
While we may not have Stephen on the small screen any time soon, it might not be all bad news. Perhaps this means we’re about to see his handsome face pop up in a Hollywood blockbuster?
Stephen, 35, is currently enjoying living in LA with his wife Bridgette.
“So far, it’s been a positive experience for us,” he said. “There’s enough interest in me to think it’s worthwhile to be there for the foreseeable future.”
He also teased that there is “stuff coming up”, which certainly sounds exciting.
Last month, Stephen also revealed to TV WEEK that having starting a family was definitely on the agenda.
“That’s always on the horizon,” he says. “It’s just how close to the horizon are we at any given time? Everything’s good as it is for the time being,” he said.
One thing is for sure. We’ll be watching this space very closely… In the meantime, don’t miss the action-packed finale of Wanted tonight for one last glimpse at Stephen on our screens!

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