Doctor Doctor: The arrival of Charlie’s father causes quite the stir in Whyhope

Vince Colosimo has arrived!

By Thomas Mitchell
You can pick your friends, but you can't pick your family. And Charlie gets a timely reminder of that saying this week on Doctor Doctor when her father, Carlito, arrives in town.
But this time around, Carlito brings a little extra baggage in the form of 15-year-old Ivy, the daughter of his current lover.
"He's had a big bust-up with his partner and she's gone off to some meditation course," Vince Colosimo, 51, who plays Carlito, explains.
"They were both looking after this child – she's not his daughter – but he's stuck with her, so he decides to visit Charlie [Nicole da Silva]. Plus, he wants to pass on his condolences to the family for Jim's passing."
Carlito is set to charm Whyhope.
With his charm and air of mystery, it doesn't take long for Carlito to work his magic on most of the family.
"Charlie is pretty forgiving – Carlito hasn't been the best dad – but she's excited to see him, and all the past is forgotten," Vince says.
"He's charming, he's not a scrooge looking to take advantage of people – he's just got a way of being the fun man in the moment."
One person who doesn't fall under Carlito's spell is Matt (Ryan Johnson). He knows Carlito is bad news.
"He's never been around for Charlie, he's never been present or available," Ryan, 39, reveals. "But then he swans back into town, charms the pants off everyone and all is forgiven.
"Matt can see straight through it, but Charlie falls under his spell and reverts to being Daddy's little girl again. Matt is determined to make her see what's really going on."
Carlito greets his son-in-law Matt.
Meanwhile, Ajax (Matt Castley) and Hayley (Chloe Bayliss) have their hands full with their little bundle of joy. Hayley struggles to bond with her newborn, which upsets the new dad.
"He can see she's battling and he's really stressed," Matt, 19, says. "It's all becoming a bit too much for Ajax."
Doctor Doctor airs Monday, 8:40pm on Nine Network.

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