What happened to Troy's sweaty towel on House Rules?

Burning question: Did Sean and Ella use the towel that Troy smeared with his sweat?

By Helen Vnuk
It’s a moment that many House Rules viewers just can’t get out of their minds.
In Tasmania, Troy was putting the finishing touches to the bathroom he and Bec had done for Sean and Ella. Troy grabbed a towel and wiped the sweat off his face.
Then he put the towel back in the neatly folded stack in the bathroom.
When Ella watched the episode on TV, she saw what Troy did. She tells TV WEEK it was “disgusting”.
“I had thousands of texts saying, ‘I hope you washed that towel!’” she adds. “I think the whole of Australia was pretty grossed out about that. It was probably a pretty typical Troy move.”
So did she wash the towel before using it?
“Thank God someone suggested to me, ‘Make sure you wash all your towels.’ I’m so glad I did!”
Ella says she and her fiancé Sean haven’t been in touch with NSW battlers Troy and Bec since they were eliminated from the show. She admits that things were left “a bit icy” between them.

So the NSW battlers won’t be getting an invitation to Sean and Ella’s wedding then?
“Unfortunately not!” Ella laughs.
However, Fiona and Nicole from Victoria might make the invitation list.
“Sean and I get along with the girls quite well, so we’ll see,” she explains. “But the other teams are our main priority. They’re our good friends and we would love to have them there.”

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