EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s undercover feud revealed

These Blockheads have ALWAYS had beef... and nobody knew!

By OK! team
The Block fans are readying themselves for an epic showdown between Perth couple Ronnie and Georgia and Townsville duo Clint and Hannah.
But this friendship hasn’t suddenly turned sour… Clint and Hannah made it into Ronnie and Georgia’s "Burn Book" a long time ago.
Throwing it back to the cheating scandal that rocked The Block weeks ago, Ronnie and Georgia were accused of copying a design for their children’s room.
The idea was thrown around after a photo from an interior design store showing a similar setup was sent around to the other couples. At the time Jason took the heat for sending that photo around; but Georgia and Ronnie have blamed Hannah all along.
Ronnie and Georgia have blamed Hannah for sparking those cheating rumours all along!
“We knew it was Hannah who found them, not Jason – he isn’t that tech-savvy,” Georgia tells OK!. Plot twist! Which begs the question, why play nice for so long? Being "fake friends" sounds like more effort than it’s worth, right?
…wrong! Ronnie and Georgia still need to move their massive pool in for backyard week. Perks of having the middle house?
Accessibility is a joy, especially when you need to air drop a pool in. Having some accommodating neighbours would actually be super handy…

Unfortunately, Clint and Hannah aren’t those neighbours. And Ronnie and Georgia are livid. “It’s ridiculous,” says Ronnie, “especially given the fact that we helped them out quite a lot and gave them advice.”
All the tension has taken its toll on the Blockheads, and Scotty Cam has even weighed in.
Hannah’s happy-go-lucky attitude has disappeared in light of all the conflict and in all honesty, she’s fuming. Though usually non-confrontational, she even had some choice words for Ronnie and Georgia…
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