The Bachelorettes Apollo spills on his age difference with Sophie Monk

… and he does it topless. SWOON!

By NW team
With his rock hard abs and dreamy eyes, Apollo is the man of everyone’s dreams.
But is he the man for Sophie Monk?
According to him, that's a rock-hard-ab yes!
Apollo spills to NW that he’s fully prepares to do what it takes to win the Bachelorette’s heart.
"I did my research on how to win this girl over," he reveals to NW. "I was a full-on Bardot fan back in the day. I knew a couple of Sophie’s songs, so I sang them to her."
Apollo is a dreamboat.
Despite being a bit rusty, it sounds like he hit it out of the park. "She had to correct me on a few lyrics, but she was pretty impressed," he dishes.
Though many are dismissing him as a frontrunner as he’s one of the youngest in the house, Apollo, 24, reckons age is just a number – and it won’t hold him back.
"I know there’s a 13-year age gap between Sophie and I, but I’ve always thought of love not having boundaries."
Despite a 13 year age gap could Apollo win Sophie's heart?
Meanwhile, back in the Bachie mansion, things might not be so rosy for Apollo.
"When I first entered the mansion I was stitched up," he spills. "There was an initiation where you had to skull your first drink – everyone grabbed a beer, and I had a full goblet of red wine."
Well, you can’t win them all.

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