Shaun Micallef on 'Talkin' Bout Your Generation' re-boot

'Everything is coming back!'

By Thomas Mitchell
Whether you call it a reboot, revival or reimagining, the trend in film and TV right now is to prove everything old is new again.
It's a simple strategy – bring back a once-loved show, dust it off, add a little shine and present it as a fresh format.
It's been happening overseas. But Australia is jumping on the bandwagon too. And Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation is the latest to be welcomed back.
"It's happening everywhere," Shaun Micallef tells TV WEEK.

That's right, the 55-year-old is returning as the show's host.
"I've just been watching [the rebooted] Lost In Space on Netflix," he says. "Then there's Will & Grace, Roseanne and Dynasty. Everything is coming back – although with our show, it hasn't been quite so long."
The original run of Talkin' 'Bout Your Generation came to an end in 2012 after four successful seasons on Network Ten. A revival was announced last year, with the show moving to the Nine Network.
It was also confirmed that original team captains Josh Thomas, Charlie Pickering and Amanda Keller would be replaced by newcomer Laurence Boxhall, plus Andy Lee and Robyn Butler."I'm the only constant, really," Shaun explains. "There are new games, new captains and new guests – so it's different."

The other major change is the Baby Boomer generation – people born between 1946 and 1964 – is no more. In their place is Gen Z – those born from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s.
"I certainly won't miss them at all!" Shaun declares. "The Boomers have had their way as a TV presence for a long time.
"Although, the reality is I am a Baby Boomer and tend to think I'm in charge. But I don't know if I really am [in charge], which is probably a metaphor for Baby Boomers in general."
By the sounds of it, Shaun and the cast are being shown up by Gen Z team captain, 20-something genius Laurence.
"Laurence is easily the smartest person on the show," Shaun says. "He's a revelation."
It's high praise from one of Australia's canniest comedians.
"I used to feel like the smartest person [on the show], because I had the answers," he says. "But since Laurence joined the program, I feel left behind."

Funnyman Shaun wasn't even supposed to be hosting the reboot of TBYG, but he won the gig anyway.
"It was meant to have a totally new cast," he says. "But when they were working out captains, I lent a hand."
The production company couldn't pass up the former host and asked him to stay.
Could this be a chance to land another TV WEEK Logie? In 2010, Shaun took the gong for Most Popular Presenter.
"It's a national disgrace that I haven't been honoured more at the Logies," Shaun jokes.
"I keep missing out on Best New Talent, I haven't been inducted into the Hall Of Fame, and I haven't been mentioned in the In Memoriam section for the dead. It's ridiculous!"
Talkin' Bout Your Generation airs Mondays, 7:30pm on the Nine Network.

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