Sex Education star Emma Mackey looks EXACTLY like Margot Robbie

Seriously, how similar do they look?!

By Rebecca Sullivan
British actress Emma Mackey is one of the breakout stars of Netflix's awesome original series Sex Education, thanks to her whip-smart character Maeve Wiley, who always marches to the beat of her own drum.
But eagle-eyed fans of the hugely popular show - the first season was watched by millions of fans around the world, and now the much-anticipated second season is about to premiere on January 17 - have noticed that Emma bears a striking resemblance to another talented young actress, Australia's very own Margot Robbie.
In fact, the pair look so alike that some viewers initially thought it actually was the 29-year-old Gold Coast native who was starring on the show.
While her character Maeve had bleached blonde hair with pink tips in season one, in real life (and now in season two), Emma is now sporting darker brunette locks.
Emma posing on the red carpet. Getty
Margot and Emma have similar facial structures. Getty
Emma went back to her natural hair colour after filming season one. Instagram
An off-duty selfie. Instagram
She looks like like a brunette Margot! Getty
Emma back when she had blonde hair. Instagram
So, what does Emma think of these comparisons?
"I mean it's great, I'll take it," she told UK media outlet PinkNews.
"But I think Margot Robbie is, first and foremost, a very brilliant actress, actor."
Having said that, Emma also says she wants to be judged based on her acting prowess on the show, not what she looks like.
"I hope that people will see past the physical aspects of my person and focus on my job as opposed to my looks, if that's OK with you all," she said, adding: "But, no, it's fine, Margot Robbie is great."
Emma's character Maeve sported bleached blonde hair with pink tips in season one. Supplied
The brooding Maeve became famous for her 90s rocker aesthetic. Supplied
Do you think Emma looks like Margot? Getty
When asked if she was getting a little sick of the Margot Robbie comparisons when the first season of Sex Education premiered last year, she said the comparisons were very flattering.
"Oh my God. I don't know if "sick" of it is the word. It's a weird one," she told Vulture at the time.
"I'm very flattered because Margot Robbie is insanely beautiful, but it's always annoying to have people focusing on your looks as opposed to what you're actually doing on the job. But also, I'll take it. There are worse people to be compared to. [Laughs.]"
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Sex Education is available to stream anytime on Netflix and season drops on Friday January 17.