Scott Cam addresses Tom Gleeson’s TV WEEK Gold Logie win

The former TV WEEK Gold Logie winner believes Tom missed out on an important opportunity

By Zara Zubeidi
Former TV WEEK Gold Logie Award winner Scott Cam has expressed his opinion on Tom Gleeson's controversial Gold Logie win.
While the Hard Quiz host did tell the audience the award was a "win for comedy", Scott thinks he missed out on what the TV WEEK Logie Awards are really about – a celebration of those who work behind the scenes.
"I think what Tom is forgetting is that the Logies is as much for the people behind the scenes as it is for the on-screen talent," the star, 56, tells TV WEEK.
"I know my production company – the producers, post-production, the girls in the office – all get extremely excited about the Logies because it's recognition for their work. If your show wins, it's a tick for them.
"There are a lot of people who work behind the scenes for Tom, and he might have forgotten about them."
As a former TV WEEK Gold Logie Award-winner, Scott thinks Tom missed an opportunity.
In his winner's speech, Tom said it was "a win for comedy because comedy, to me, is really important."
He also said it was a win for the ABC.
"I think that is a treat. First time in 40 years, baby. So exciting," he said.
While Tom claimed he was in a "tricky spot", unsure of how he felt about the award, The Block host doesn't believe that's the case. Scott believes he truly adores the win.
"If he was true to his opinions, he'd throw or give it [the TV WEEK Gold Logie] away," Scott laughs. "He loves it!"
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