Ruby Rose opens up about finding herself in Hollywood and fulfilling a lifelong dream as Batwoman

“The lesson I had to learn...”

By Tamara Cullen
Since bursting onto the Hollywood scene, Ruby Rose has tried her hand at almost everything.
The daring and versatile actress reinvented herself to be a jailbird in Orange Is The New Black, an action star in John Wick: Chapter 2 and The Meg – and even a rock'n'roll singer in Pitch Perfect 3.
Today, she continues to break moulds across the industry, while posting to more than 13 million social media followers.
Yet none of her scene-stealing characters come close to her latest offering. The Melbourne-born star is about to kick butt as leather-clad superhero Batwoman in a huge crossover event with Supergirl, Arrow and The Flash. Then in 2019, she will front her own crime-fighting series.
Meet the world's first gay superhero.
The masked crusader, known in the DC Universe as Kate Kane, has also created history by becoming the first gay superhero to have a leading role in a TV series.
For Ruby, 32, who describes herself as gender-fluid, Batwoman is as much a personal venture as it is professional.
"I dreamt of being a superhero before I ever dreamt of acting, let alone the holy grail of acting as a superhero!" she tells TV WEEK.
As she prepares to suit up for her biggest role yet, Ruby chats about her rise to fame and why she's fiercely protective of her normal life.
Congratulations on the gig as Batwoman. How did the role come about?
I'd heard about the project and was really happy to see Batwoman was potentially going to get her own show. My name was also being attached to the role, but I hadn't had any contact from anyone regarding it. Then, during a trip to China, I received voicemails [from producers] asking if I could put some scenes on tape.
So I got up at 4am to shoot and redo as many scenes as possible, and then tried to send them from China. As I got on the plane to come home, I was asked to audition to a room of 10 people the very next day. Of course, it was all very easy and casual and not at all stressful!
Ruby trained in martial arts to play Batwoman.
How did you react to getting the gig?
Honestly, I was so tired! Someone called to tell me [that she got the role] as I was walking down the red carpet for the LA premiere of The Meg. Then, I got in trouble for trying to run through and not do interviews, but I was just so nervous I'd say something I wasn't allowed to say. I got through the interviews, but it was such an exciting and nervous moment. And perhaps not the best time to take that phone call! [Laughs]
Tell us about Kate Kane, aka Batwoman.
I can't say much, but during the crossover event, viewers will get a glimpse into who she is and what her life looks like. As far as Batwoman goes, well, she's Batwoman!
Ruby says her costume was a tight fit!
We have to ask: just how comfortable is the superhero suit?
Firstly, thank you for considering the reality of these amazing costumes! [Laughs] There's a reason you never see superheroes get into their suits on film, because it's the most humbling and unattractive thing in the world. And you don't dare drink a glass of water!
Getting into the suit for the first time must have been unforgettable.
Standing in Colleen Atwood's [the Oscar-winning costume designer] office and trying it on for the first time is a memory I'll never forget. I still feel electricity each time I suit up.
What was it like to join your fellow superheroes during the crossover event?
These crossovers are no joke! We had three amazing lead characters, who are in the middle of shooting their own shows, scheduling around each other to make it work. So I had it easy! I look at Stephen Amell [Arrow] and wonder how he functions so well on little sleep. Every moment was fun and every day was filled with funny moments.
Batwoman fighting the bad guys with Arrow.
Kate Kane is the first gay superhero to lead a series. What does that mean to you and the LGBTIQ community?
It fulfils my life mantra of "Be the person you needed when you were young".I can't speak on behalf of everyone in the LGBTIQ community, but I know any win for anyone in our community is a win for all.
Your growing achievements in Hollywood have been fascinating to watch, but it's never overnight success. Have you had to learn some hard lessons?
Absolutely: be careful who you trust, and protect yourself. You can't assume everyone has good intentions. But if you convince yourself that everyone has bad intentions, you'd end up lonely. So I just water the flowers I love and who love me. I have the best friends in the world and I'm thankful, because I meet people all the time who are still searching for that.
DC Comic Crossover: The Flash, Arrow and Supergirl airs Monday December 10th to Wednesday December 12th, 8:30pm, on FOX8.

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