How does the local version of No Activity stack up against its US counterpart?

From the criminals to the cops, we take an indepth look at the two series.

By TV Week team
We have to admit, we're quite flattered that the US jumped at the opportunity to make their own version of an Australian original series.
Comedy No Activity has proven to be such a hit that now both the Australian and American series are available for streaming on Stan.
TV WEEK celebrates the occasion by comparing the pair - we'll let you decide who comes out on top:


Australia's David Field and Dan Wylie, vs US's Jesse Plemons and Landry Clarke.
Much-loved character actors David Field and Dan Wyllie play the two impatient henchmen holed up in a dark warehouse waiting for a delivery, oblivious to the threat lurking outside.
The bickering bad guys waiting for a drug deal are played by Jesse Plemons (aka Landry Clarke from Friday Night Lights) and the hilarious Jason Mantzoukas (aka the unhinged Adrian Pimento in Brooklyn Nine-Nine).


Australia's Harriet Dyer and Genevieve Morris, vs US's Sunita Mani and Amy Sedaris.
Genevieve Morris plays tough-talking Carol, the seen-it-all-before dispatch leader. Harriet Dyer plays cop April, who's demoted to the desk after an unfortunate taser incident.
Playing similar characters, the US version stars Amy Sedaris as Janice and Sunita Mani as Fatima.


Patrick Brammall stars in both the Australian and US series, with Australia's Darren Gilshenan and US's Tim Meadows by his side.
The Moodys star Darren Gilshenan plays Detective Stokes, a cop with his head in the clouds who doesn't excel at his role. His partner Detective Hendy, played by Patrick Brammall, is the polar opposite.
Tim Meadows, known for his performances in the films Mean Girls and Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story, takes on the role of hapless detective Judd Tolbeck. Meanwhile, Aussie actor Patrick Brammall plays… wait a minute! He plays the very same character. But American. And with a slightly different name.


Australia has Tim Minchin and Jake Johnson up their sleeve, but the US series boasts Will Ferrell and JK Simmons.
Over two seasons, the homegrown version of the show has featured Tim Minchin, Rose Byrne, Kim Gyngell, New Girl's Jake Johnson and soon-to-be Quentin Tarantino's Charles Manson, Damon Herriman.
The first season boasted Will Ferrell JK Simmons and Better Call Saul's Bob Odenkirk among its cast. Season two delivers Jessica Alba, New Girl's Max Greenfield and Magic Mike XXL star Joe Manganiello.

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