EXCLUSIVE: Nicole da Silva opens up about her pregnancy and the future

The actress is embracing impending motherhood and whatever the future holds.

By Stephen Downie
Last season's Wentworth ended with tough-as-nails prisoner Franky Doyle going on the run, her future uncertain.
Like her character, Nicole da Silva is in unfamiliar territory.
The TV WEEK Logie Award-nominated actress is expecting her first child with partner John. She's due to give birth in just a few months.
It's amazing in this day and age, when every aspect of people's lives is detailed and scrutinised on social media, that Nicole was able to keep her pregnancy a secret from the public for so long.
A glowing Nicole is eagerly anticipating the arrival of her first baby.
Undoubtedly, when you're a public figure, there would be a desire to keep aspects of your private life… well, private. And Nicole has never been one to shout about herself from the rooftops.
Physically, however, she could only hide that glorious bump for so long.
"It is [pregnancy], for the most part, a private affair," Nicole, 36 tells TV WEEK. "But it does get to a point where you're pretty obviously pregnant.
"It's just about embracing the fact that people do have an interest in that story [of her pregnancy]. It's part of who I am now – this is the way it is."

Nicole concedes her first steps into the great unknown have been tricky.
She describes her pregnancy so far as "a mixed bag" – the actress has suffered "exhaustion and afternoon sickness" throughout her first trimester.
"But I feel a lot like myself now," Nicole smiles.
Nicole with Kate Jenkinson (Allie) in Wentworth.
There are those who will be curious about whether Nicole fell pregnant while she was filming season five of Wentworth.
Could you imagine trying to film Franky's daring escape while wanting to throw up?
"I fell pregnant after filming – they didn't happen at the same time," she clarifies.
As to what comes next, in terms of acting, Nicole simply shrugs. She's due to start filming season three of Doctor Doctor in the next few weeks. What will happen to Charlie?
"I'm not sure," Nicole says.
"It's up to them [the producers] how they decide to either work it [the pregnancy] in or write around it. That's all yet to be revealed, at this point."
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