Neighbours is bringing back Paul Robinson’s son Robert for time-travel spin-off series

Toadie becomes a gangster and Tyler is a rapper.

By TV Week team
Aussie soap Neighbours is meddling with time travel in a Halloween spin-off web series.
Neighbours vs Time Travel is a five-part special that follows Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) as he travels back to 1985 (AKA the year the show hit TV screens) through a time portal. (You can watch the trailer above!)
And because we’ve all seen Back To The Future, we know that you can’t alter anything in the past because it could have drastic changes to the future. Unfortunately, Paul didn’t get that message. He tries to tell his past self some business tips for the future and in doing so, completely flips Ramsay St (well, it’s called Robinson street now) on its head.
Sonja and The Toadfather
We're getting serious Back To The Future Dr Brown vibes from Gary here
What we’ll see is a hilarious parallel universe, with Gary Canning as a mad scientist, Toadie Rebecchi as a gangster thug (dubbed ‘The Toadfather’), and Karl Kennedy as a musician.
We’ll also get to see Paul’s scheming son Robert Robinson (Adz Hunter) who hasn’t been on the show since 2007.
Susan Kennedy is married to another man, Phil Martin (played by Ian Rawlings), and rock star Karl is trying to win her back. Tyler Brennan is an emo vlogger, David Tanaka is a rapper, and Paul’s daughter Amy Williams has (unknowingly) tied the knot with her brother Leo Tanaka.
So. Weird.
Paul's parallel universe family
Robert is back!
Paul is in a race to make things right again before he can go back to his current time – but will he be able to?
The first episode will drop on the official Neighbours YouTube channel and Facebook on October 30. Don’t miss it!

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